Here Release Notes

Version 0.10.4 (Nightly)

Build 1526, 30th August 2020

  • New FeatureNew Switch Accessory APIs are available now. Please check out our documentation for more details.
  • New FeatureNew Dark mode related APIs are available now. Please check out our documentation for more details.
  • New FeatureWe're working on ts(TypeScript) support for Here Plugins devevlopment now. Please stay tuned.
  • FixedDon't show disclosure if popover list data is empty.
  • FixedFixed an issue that causing i18n API not working.

Version 0.10.3 (Beta 9)

Build 1468, 1st August 2020

  • New FeatureNew volume related APIs are available now. Please check out our documentation for more details.
  • New FeatureNew i18n API is available now. Please check out our documentation for more details.
  • FixedFixed a crash when reloading the mini window
  • FixedFixed an issue that causing hotkey API not working.

Version 0.10.2 (Beta 8)

Build 1452, 22nd July 2020

  • New FeatureNew README tab on the preferences panel
  • New FeatureNew language supported: Simplified Chinese
  • New FeatureBrand new icons

Version 0.10.0 (Beta 7)

Build 1410, 9th April 2020

  • New FeatureBrand new multi-tabs support on the popover window!
  • ImprovementNow the popover window can be updated in real-time when it's open.
  • ImprovementReloading plugins cleans up the old data on the mini window, menu bar, popover, and dock.
  • Fixedhere.menuBar.setIcon() should update icon image immediately.
  • FixedNo placeholder image when imageURL is empty.
  • FixedFormat bytes with Base 2 (1024 bytes).
  • FixedFixed a crash when opening the preferences panel.
  • FixedFixed a crash when calling exec() with not existed cwd.

Version 0.9.7 (Beta 6)

Build 1377, 17th March 2020

  • New FeatureThe menu bar icon is customizable now!
  • New FeatureNew icon set for official plugins.
  • New FeatureMenu bar text can set to useMonospaceFont now.
  • New FeatureMore events like popover.on('show') are available now. Please check out our documentation for more details.
  • New FeatureNew scroller on the mini window and popover window.
  • AddedMore preloaded plugins are available now.
  • ImprovementVarious bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • ImprovementCompletely rewrote the event handling module.
  • ImprovementLimit DB wal journal file size to 20MB.
  • ImprovementSorted plugin names case-insensitive in the Preferences panel.
  • FixedDisabled plugins should not show on the Menu Bar/Dock panel.
  • FixedFixed an issue where setting checkbox prefs always failed.
  • FixedFixed several memory leaks related to JSValue objects.
  • FixedFixed an issue where click on a popover cell opens the wrong URL.
  • FixedFixed here.appleScript() API always returns error issue.
  • FixedFixed an issue where menu bar text can't render emoji strings.

Version 0.9.5 (Beta 5)

Build 1314, 8th March 2020

  • New FeatureMultiple menu bar icons are available now!
  • New FeatureNew two lines style supported on the menu bar.
  • New FeatureMore contextual menu items for webview style popover on the menu bar.
  • New FeatureNew hideStatusBar option for webview style popover.
  • FixedFixed a memory leak issue when the user selected different plugin to show on the menu bar.
  • FixedFixed an issue to speed up images loading on the list style popover.
  • New FeatureUpgraded Mini Window/Popover/Dock/Menu Bar related APIs. Please check out our documentation for more details.

Version 0.9.2 (Beta 4)

Build 1259, 1st March 2020

  • New FeatureBrand new webView type Popover is here! Please check out our documentation for more details.
  • New FeatureNow click on the menu bar will bring up popovers
  • FixedFixed an issue where the label on the bottom of dock icon was clipped
  • FixedFixed a bug where always failed when calling fs.readFile() with no option parameter
  • FixedFixed a bug that exec() can't show stdErr output

Version 0.9.0 (Beta 3)

Build 1208, 23rd February 2020

  • New FeatureNew image accessory API (imageURL, imageCornerRaidus) for popovers
  • New FeatureAdded keyboard shortcuts support for the debug console. (CMD+R: reload, CMD+K: clear)
  • New FeatureAdded option parameter for fs.readFile() (e.g. 'utf8' for text file encoding)
  • New FeatureNew "None Option" on Menu Bar and Dock Preferences Panels
  • ImprovementUI Tweaks for Dock Icon layout
  • ImprovementIdentifier now separated from disk path for plugins
  • FixedFixed a bug where Menu Bar may disappear when title is too long. (Limited to 100 unicode characters for now)
  • FixedFixed a crash when dragging items on mini window.
  • FixedFixed a bug that Menu Bar may failed to be turned off
  • FixedFixed a bug where popovers window won't change background color while switch between light/dark apperance
  • FixedHide the bottom scroller on mini window and popovers window

Version 0.8.14 (Beta 2)

Build 1162, 16th February 2020

  • New FeatureNew advanced tab in the preferences panel
  • New FeatureNew process.checkForUpdates() API for debug plugin
  • FixedFixed notarization issue. You should be able to open from the downloaded dmg file with no right-click needed
  • FixedFixed Here Helper app crash
  • FixedFixed issue where switching between tabs doesn’t work
  • FixedFixed losing focused item when changing category in the preferences panel
  • FixedFixed accessibility prompt issue that causing double-tapping shortcuts failed to work
  • FixedFixed issue where removing the plugin from preferences panel always fails when there’s already the same plugin in the trash can

Version 0.8.11 (Beta 1)

Build 1110, 10th February 2020

  • New FeatureOur first Beta release! Everything is Here!